Weddings in the Turks and Caicos Islands

How & where to get married

Amazingly this group of islands are not as well known as the near by Bahamas, despite the fact that the diving, snorkeling and fishing are second to none.

Plus many of the white sandy beaches are some of the best in the world - a perfect location for a beach wedding...


Top reasons to get married in the Turks and Caicos Is

Why choose the Turks and Caicos Is for your wedding?

  • Resort hotels
    Resort hotels offer complete weddings.
  • Water sports
    Diving, snorkeling and fishing are second to none.
  • Beach Weddings
    Get married on white sandy beaches are some of which are of the best in the world.
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Those who want to spend their time on the beach & on the water will love this place - a real paradise. Above sea level it tends to be dry, sunny and relaxed.

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The principal activity apart from water sports tends to be hanging out in the bars & restaurants next to the beach!

Residency period for weddings is one day - but you must expect to wait 2 days to receive your license - then you are free to marry.

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In Turks & Caicos you can choose from a traditional church wedding ceremony, or a civil ceremony at or in the grounds of your hotel, the court house or as is most popular - on the beach at sunset! For church ceremonies, most ministers require proof that you are a member of their denomination - from your church at home.

The weather is consistently hot (28 - 32 degrees) - the wettest period is from June to October.

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