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Trinidad lies in the Caribbean Sea about 11 kilometers (7miles) off the northeast coast of Venezuela and is separated from Tobago by a narrow channel less than 32 kilometers (20 miles) wide.

Tobago is still largely unspoiled and where Trinidad beats to the sounds and rhythms of steel drums. Tobago offers the more restrained sounds of the jungle and countryside...


Top reasons to get married in Trinidad & Tobago

Why choose Trinidad & Tobago for your wedding?

  • Romantic escape
    Tobago is quiet, simple and very relaxing.
  • Easy to marry
    You must be resident in Tobago or Trinidad for only 3 days.
  • Beaches
    White sand beaches, crystal clear seas, rain forests all make for a perfect location.
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Almost all of Trinidad's hotels and restaurants lie in the foothills around the Port of Spain, while just an hour away is a primeval rain forest, teeming with wildlife.

Legal Wedding Requirements Trinidad and Tobago

Life in Tobago is quiet, simple and very relaxing. Don't expect a busy nightlife, because you won't find it. For this reason the resorts & wedding locations in Tobago are more popular than Trinidad to get married.

Tobago has all the special qualities for transforming your love story into a lifetime bond. Its turquoise seas, captivating sunsets and enchanting moonlight are an idyllic backdrop for that fairy tale wedding you've always imagined: perhaps at a historic fort, under a waterfall, underwater, or simply under the stars.

White sand beaches, crystal clear seas, rain forests all make for a perfect location for an escape to get married.

Tobago is a place of magic, where the food, whether it is from one of the island's first rate restaurants, or something simpler like barbecued barracuda on the roadside, is as sleep inducing as the lazy afternoon breeze.

From east to west, day to night, land to sea, you'll find all the elements of the perfect retreat. Rare birds to marvel at, waterfalls to soothe you, hikes into forests that take you back in time.

For all these reasons, Tobago weddings are becoming increasingly popular. The growth of high quality resorts - many offering great locations for outdoor Tobago beach weddings - are attracting many more couples wanting a destination wedding abroad.


Legal Weddings in Trinidad & Tobago

1. A couple must be resident in Tobago or Trinidad for a minimum of 3 days before a Trinidad or Tobago wedding ceremony. The day of arrival does not count in the three day period. The Trinidad & Tobago Special Marriage Licence can be applied for from the fourth day and is valid to get married for six months.

2. Both parties must produce proof of ID in the form of original birth certificates, passports and proof of entry (airline tickets and immigration cards).

3. Divorcees must produce the Decree Absolute with court stamp from your home country. Widows and widowers must produce a Death Certificate of the former spouse.

4. Anyone under 18 years of age must produce an affidavit, signed and stamped by a solicitor, proving they have parental consent.

Wedding ceremonies in Trinidad & Tobago can be conducted almost anywhere, subject to agreement with the official, priest or minister. Wedding ceremonies in Trinidad & Tobago must occur after 6am and before 6pm. Plus there must be at least two witnesses present during the wedding ceremony.

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  • We chose to marry in Trinidad because it offers some of the quietest & least commercial areas in the Caribbean. We had a beautiful relaxed wedding on a beautiful relaxed island!- Sarah & Graham, wed in Tobago March 2013