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Thailand is an ancient land with many fascinating traditions, many of which are included in wedding ceremonies.

A wedding in Thailand is for those couples who wish an exotic getaway with a meaningful and spiritual ceremony in a land famous for it's hospitality & beauty...


Top reasons to get married in Thailand

Why choose the Thailand for your wedding?

  • Ceremonies
    Why not have a Thai Buddhist, Traditional Thai or beach wedding?
  • Locations
    Loads of fantastic locations across Thailand which offer weddings.
  • Hospitality
    Thailand's welcoming hospitality has become legendary throughout Asia.
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For couples wanting to get married Thailand there are a great selection of locations and ceremony types available - which are all fully legal back home. Thailand offers some of the world's best ceremonies and locations - whether you want a Thailand beach wedding, Thailand Church / Chapel wedding or the most popular - a variation of a romantic Thailand Buddhist style wedding in a beautiful location or temple.

Thailand is known as the 'Land of Endless Smiles' because its service and welcoming hospitality has become legendary throughout Asia. Thailand boasts glittering temples and huge Buddhist statues, saffron robed monks and glorious beach resorts.

Thailand is a fascinating land, filled with ruins, temples, deserted cities and holy sites, ringed with beautiful islands and sandy beaches. There are many faces of the country to discover on your honeymoon. The capital, Bangkok, is a huge, thriving metropolis, bursting with energy.

If you would like to get married in Thailand, there are many world class hotels & resorts where you will be able to celebrate your wedding. Or you may like to have your Thailand marriage on the beach, a beautifully romantic setting, or even a Buddhist temple. Thailand is an ancient land with many fascinating traditions, many of which are included in wedding ceremonies.

You can take a package wedding, a local wedding organizer or do the wedding yourself. There are a host of options and prices.


Thai wedding ceremonies

With the many choices of wedding locations in Thailand - there are also many choices of ceremony too!


Thai Buddhist Wedding Ceremony

These vary depending upon which region you marry. Plus most weddings performed by visitors to Thailand will be at least themed with the Buddhist ceremonies. The ceremony will take place inside a monastery - due to Buddhist believes the monks are not allowed to do the full ceremony outdoors but a blessing ceremony after is possible. You will require to be be wearing traditional Thai dress.


Traditional Thai Wedding Ceremony & Thai theme Wedding Ceremony

Again, these vary depending upon which region you marry. Traditional Thai Wedding Ceremony offering a superbly romantic wedding ceremony.

The wedding proper begins with the groom, accompanied by the celebrant, leading the colorful "Long Drum Parade" across the garden or beach to where the vows will take place. Before the altar, the groom is joined by the bride. Dressed in a traditional, close fitting, brightly colored Thai silk outfit she has been hidden nearby. The celebrant then addresses the bride and groom, and guests. To the traditional Thai music, the couple solemnly pronounces their vows and exchange rings. The cake is cut and champagne toasts (that can be accompanied by fireworks) are made. Invited Monks chant prayers of health, happiness and prosperity for the wedding couples' marriage. In return, the couple present the monks with alms and food. The bride and groom then kneel together, and a holy string is draped from one persons head to the other, forming a circle and connecting the couple. This symbolizes their spiritual union. Flower garlands are presented and powder is placed on the forehead. They then Wai by clasping their palms together in the traditional prayer-like gesture while one by one the guests pour a conch shell full of sacred water over the couple's hands while saying a blessing for good luck. Gifts of either envelopes containing money, or presents that have been placed in a basket beforehand are now checked by the bride's mother. The ceremony is completed with the newlyweds planting a "Love Tree" at as a gesture life of love.


Church weddings & western style civil wedding ceremonies are also popular. Often after a church wedding a Thai style blessing in arranged. Western style civil marriage ceremonies are often used for beach weddings in Thailand.


Wedding locations Thailand

There are loads of fantastic locations across Thailand which offer weddings for tourists. Most couples choose a resort hotel which will provide most of the planning for them - making arranging a wedding much simpler. To get married in Thailand you will have to decide where & what type of wedding style you want.

The most popular wedding locations across Thailand for tourists to get married include, Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Phi Phi island Koh Chang, Bangkok & Chiang Mai.

Styles of weddings - especially traditional Buddhist weddings, vary across the regions of Thailand. But in all these locations you will be able to have a romantic Thai theme wedding, a western civil style wedding & in most a beach wedding.



Phuket Island is a favorite choice of tourists sunshine & nature. Modern amenities, spice and natural attractions blend with local charm to add comfort to make a fantastic wedding location.



Bangkok, is a huge, thriving metropolis, bursting with energy. The high pace & noise is not for a couple seeking relaxation - but there are wedding locations here to make a unique Thailand wedding.


Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the gateway to Northern Thailand and is graced with mountain landscapes draped in forests with colourful hill tribe peoples originating as far away as Tibet. A city steeped in tradition and culture dating back to the earliest times, Chiang Mai offers magnificent tradition temple and mountain wedding locations.


Koh Samui

Koh Samui is the heart of a large archipelago of over 80 coral studded, sand and sun drenched islands in the southern Gulf of Thailand. White sand beaches & hidden lagoons picture perfect backgrounds to a Thailand beach wedding.



This exciting beach resort is set across a beautiful large bay. Pattaya provides everything for the modern couple comming to Thailand for a wedding. Great facilities & nigh life will entertain you & your guest throughout their stay.


Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island with its scenic hills, awesome cliffs, long beaches, emerald waters and incredible bird and sea life - together with modern facilities and a jumping nightlife make it a perfect destination to get married in Thailand.


Legal wedding requirements Thailand

Thai marriage regulations seem quite complicated - but you can do it yourself or with the help of the resort or organizer of your wedding. For the trickier bits some resorts charge extras to make it simpler for you but you can save money if you want.

To get married in Thailand you will have to prepare some paperwork at home & also visit your home embassy for an affidavit in Bangkok (or consulate in Chiang Mai if your home country has one.) Some embassies fast track this so it can be done quickly.

Basically you will need proof that you are who you say you are & that you are free to marry. If you are divorced - you will need proof - same also if you are a widow/er. For this you will need the affidavit from your embassy. For a wedding to be legal & valid in Thai law (& through the Geneva Convention legal in your home country), the marriage must be registered with a Registrar at an Amphur Office (District Office) - usually located in or near the resort where will get married.

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  • Me got married in a traditional Buddhist wedding in Chiang Mai. Part of the ceremony involved being blessed by the village elders and also all our wedding party stayed overnight together afterwards as is the Thai tradition. This really is one of the most amazing experiences.- Tanya & Rich, married in Chiang Mai March 2013