Weddings in the Seychelles

How & where to get married

If you want to escape to paradise, then a Seychelles wedding & honeymoon is just for you!

Couples wanting the ultimate paradise location for their wedding choose the Seychelles. The breathtaking beauty of the Seychelles islands inspires everyone but getting married in the Seychelles will inspire you for the rest of your life....


Top reasons to get married in the Seychelles

Why choose the Seychelles for your wedding?

  • Amazing locations
    Get married in a spectacular hotel resort, on a perfect beach or in the grounds of an old colonial house.
  • Easy to get married
    Legally it is relatively simple to marry in the Seychelles.
  • Ideal wedding honeymoon
    Exotic location for a once in a lifetime wedding & honeymoon.
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The Republic of Seychelles consists of a series of about 110 islands in the Indian Ocean about 1000 miles west of Mombasa, Kenya. The Seychelles offers nature at her very best, and the pace of island life is ideally suited to those who simply wish to relax and unwind in stunning tropical surroundings. It must surely be one of the most beautiful island archipelagos on Earth - rich, lush, tropical vegetation, glorious beaches and the sparkling blue water of the Indian Ocean.

A wedding in Seychelles is as out of this world as a wedding in paradise. If you imagine saying your oaths to a loved one under a blanket of palm trees, in the beautiful warm sunshine on a beautiful island, then a Seychelles wedding is for you.

For a wedding location, the Seychelles have always been a favorite for couples intending to marry & have a great honeymoon. This one of world's best wedding destinations. You can choose a Seychelles beach wedding, get married in a spectacular Seychelles hotel or resort, or marry in the grounds of an old colonial house - basically wherever you wish. For convenience, it is more difficult to marry on one of the smaller outer Seychelles Islands. The Seychelles wedding ceremony is performed by the local Registrar, and if you wish, it is possible to have a church ceremony in one of the many chapels dotted among the islands.

Weddings in the Seychelles are usually arranged through the travel agents or can be combined with a holiday or honeymoon package. Travel agents specializing in Seychelles marriage arrangements are usually a little more expensive. Church weddings and all of the paperwork that is required must usually be arranged and organized before at home, speak with your local priest / vicar and contact the priest of the chosen church on the Seychelles for specifics for the Seychelles church wedding you want.

Most weddings take place on the islands of Praslin, Mahe and some of the other islands. The islands offer great resorts & locations to marry in the Seychelles. Wedding requirements for the Seychelles are the same on all islands.

Wedding packages are available at most hotels and include, in one convenient fee, all legal processing and handling costs, the registrar's fee and dressing and decoration of the area to be used for the ceremony. Additional costs apply for still and video photography, hairstyling and makeup, flowers, champagne, wedding cakes and hors d'oeuvres.

You can take a package wedding, hire a local wedding planner or save money & do the wedding yourself. Legally it is relatively simple to marry in the Seychelles. Weddings in the Seychelles are legally valid in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Europe & most other nations.


Legal Weddings

To get married in the Seychelles is really quite simple, basically you just have to prove you are who you say you are & that you are legally free to marry.

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You need to be resident for at least one day before a Seychelles marriage ceremony if their documents have been received by the Registrar at least 11 days prior to the wedding day.

Civil ceremonies in the Seychelles are performed on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, usually at hotels & resorts. Weddings are usually performed between 2 PM and 5 PM Monday to Friday except on public holidays. Religious ceremonies are not recognized by the government so are not legal at home but may be performed following a Seychelles civil wedding ceremony.


Documents required for marriage in the Seychelles

Copies of the following documents are required in advance and the couple must travel with the originals of the documents. Documents must be in English or translated into English by a foreign embassy (and placed on official embassy stationery).

Copies of the first 6 pages of both passports (only the 1st page of the new EEC passport).

Copies of both birth certificates.

Copies of divorce decrees if applicable.

Copy of death certificate of former spouses if applicable.

Copy of any name change documents.

Copy of parental consent for parties under 18 years old.


The Complete Guide to Weddings in the Seychelles



The second largest island of Seychelles, Praslin, is home to sheltered valleys, ancient palm forests, glorious beaches of soft white sand and the Valee de Mai - a designated World Heritage Site. This place is a beautiful location for a wedding. The pace of life on this dreamy island is very leisurely and although public transport does exist, car, bicycle and foot are probably the best methods for island exploration.

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Praslin is a paradise location for your wedding with many excellent locations & resort hotels available for your wedding. Getting married in Praslin is legal worldwide & easy with simple local wedding requirements.



Mahe is the main island of the Seychelles and the largest, and most of the Seychelles population lives here on the north and east coasts of the island. Away from the beaches, the landscape climbs up hills covered in dense rain forests frequently shrouded in mist.

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There are also plenty of art and cultural attractions. On the east coast of Mahe is Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles. Mahe's main tourism centre is at Beau Vallon, on the west coast just opposite Victoria. Beau Vallon has a great beach for weddings and there are also good facilities for sailing, waterskiing, & wind surfing. Many of the Mahe resort hotels offer great locations for a wedding.

Mahe is a paradise location for your wedding with many excellent locations & resort hotels available for your wedding. Getting married in Mahe is legal worldwide & easy with simple local wedding requirements.


More islands

La Digue

La Digue is the island where tourism meets the traditional way of life & a popular location for Seychelles weddings. The fourth largest island of the Seychelles group, La Digue is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands with palm fringed beaches, towering granite boulders and turquoise waters. Most of the tourist accommodation is situated on this island and you are only a short sail away from the larger island of Praslin. There is much to explore on the island - the fish market in La Passe is often bustling with fishermen selling their catch, bicycles are also for hire and provide the best way to explore the flat coastal plateau and beaches from Grand Anse to Anse Fourmis.

Other islands in the Seychelles can be a little less accessible & only a few resorts offer weddings for couples really wishing to escape. For weddings on the islands of Bird Island, Cousin Cousine And Aride, Denis Island, Fregate, North Island, Outer Islands, Sainte Anne, Silhouette and Victoria.

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The Complete Guide to Weddings in the Seychelles

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  • We got married on Mahe and then island hopped to other islands for our honeymoon. Bird Island was really our favourite. Just flying around the Seychelles was an experience, looking at all the white powder beaches surrounding the islands with the "bluest" sea you have ever seen.- Regina & Henry, wed in Seychelles