Weddings in Morocco

How & where to get married

So near Europe yet so far removed culturally and deeply rooted in local traditions.

Morocco offers something really different for adventurous couples...


Top reasons to get married in Morocco

Why choose Morocco for your wedding?

  • Culture
    Get married in an exotic mix of African, French & Arabic cultures.
  • Legal
    Weddings in Morocco are recognized in most countries..
  • Locations
    Let Marrakech or Fez be the backdrop to your ceremony.
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There is so much to see - kasbahs, Roman ruins, ancient cities & elegant Islamic monuments. Even every day life will be fascinating - bargaining for souvenirs, riding donkey taxis and sharing the specialty of mint tea.

wedding Morocco

Marrakech & Fez are some of the most exotic destinations you could wish for with a mix of Arab & French cultures.

Before you marry you will need an affidavit translated into Arabic. A Moroccan Embassy can arrange this. You will then need to arrange completion with a local government office where you will marry. All types of marriage are possible in Morocco. It is advisable to arrange the wedding through your hotel or specialist.

weddings Morocco

weddings in Morocco

  • Our guide is great. I don't know how we would have planned our wedding without it...