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With all the magnificent locations across Italy, choosing where to get married will be your biggest problem!


Top reasons to get married in Italy

Why choose Italy for your wedding?

  • Scenery
    A wedding in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
  • Spectacular locations
    Get married in some the world's most magnificent buildings.
  • Ceremonies in English
    Ceremonies in the popular Italy wedding locations for foreign citizens are performed in Italian with an English translation.
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Amalfi Coast

Amalfi, Sorrento, Positano, Ravello, Capri...

The Amalfi Coast is a peninsular near Naples that some see as the most beautiful stretch of coastline in Europe. The beauty is breathtaking.

wedding amalfi coast

Popular with the rich and famous, the Amalfi Coast offers amazing ocean views for your wedding and gorgeous cliff top restaurants for your wedding reception. Amalfi weddings are as beautiful as they are spectacular.

Sunshine, the deep blue sea and the warmth of the Southern Italians.

Everything about the Amalfi Coast spells romantic.

The Amalfi Coast really is so beautiful it hurts the eyes. Those who have been will tell you. The popularity of weddings in Amalfi is growing and the facilities are five star.

Don't expect huge expansive spaces, everything here seems to cling precariously from the cliffs, in fact, entire villages emerge from the sides of the mountains as if by magic cascading into the deep blue sea!

If you want to get married on the Amalfi coast, the towns of Sorrento, Positano, Ravello and Capri offer the best locations. There are a wide variety of weddings - but Sorrento offers a unique outside courtyard venue for Civil weddings.



Florence & Tuscany

There have been volumes already written about Italy's favorite region. A land of beautiful medieval hill towns, rich vineyards and rolling countryside. A place to linger for as long as possible to savor the cuisine, wines and explore the many treasures around every corner.

Florence wedding in Tuscany

The incredible views & beautiful medieval towns make a great backdrop for a wedding in Tuscany. Travelers have come to Tuscany for centuries, but now it is possible to get married in many locations all across Tuscany.

Popular locations for Tuscany weddings, where it is easy for non Italians to marry include the towns: Florence - Certaldo - Colle de Val d'Elsa - Radda in Chianti - Siena - San Gimigano - Montepulciano - Castelina in Chianti - San Quirico d'Orcia - & more.

Tuscany offers many majestic locations for your wedding. With medieval citadels lacing every hill top with cobbled streets & majestic views.

Weddings in Florence are often described as the most amazing anywhere on the planet. The "Red Hall", in the centre of Florence, is used for civil wedding ceremonies & is one of the most dramatic locations on earth for a wedding. This city of culture offers a unique experience for a historic Florence wedding.

siena, tuscany, italy

Other areas such as Siena or Chianti are friendly and welcoming to couples from overseas. These & the many other historic town all across Tuscany offer a great experience for a wedding.

If you bring guests, they will all be truly amazed at the Tuscany location & the beauty of the actual buildings where ceremonies are conducted.


Lake District

Lake Como, Lake Garda & Lake Orta.

Northern Italy's northern lake region offers spectacular scenery for your wedding in Italy. Get married surrounded by scenery with azure waters, magical castles, flowered gardens and of course the majestic mountains all around you.

Having a wedding in the Italian Lake country offers fantastic benefits & is supremely beautiful.

To take advantage of the calm inviting waters, often, brides getting married choose to arrive at a lakeside wedding location by boat.

Weddings in Lake Como offer lakeside villas with luxurious hotels. Lake Como is really beautiful & tastefully developed. Lake Como offer a dramatic location for a wedding in Italy.

Weddings in Lake Orta offer delicate locations such as a small island on the lake for your wedding.

Weddings on Lake Garda offers historic castles, beautiful views to leave unforgettable memories!



If you want a city wedding location then Rome is top on our list. In short - this is more than what you hope to find in a city famed for its art and antiquities. The capital offers many unique locations for a Rome wedding.

weddings in rome

By far the best location for a wedding in Rome is the magnificent Campidoglio, whose architect was Michelangelo.

You can expect the Capital of Italy not to let itself be outdone and it surely doesn't. The interior is all Renaissance gilding, formal furniture and rich tapestries. In the central district of Rome, the Campidoglio offers the chance for a truly historic Rome wedding ceremony.

There are other wedding locations in Rome, especially for Church weddings, but for Civil weddings go for the Campidoglio. Be aware, it can get booked very quickly for marriages in the summer months.


Weddings in the Italian Riviera

Santa Margherita, Portovenere, Rapallo, Portofino...

The north west coast of Italy offers spectacular scenery for your wedding in Italy. The Riviera does not really need an introduction it has been praised by poets for centuries. In fact, the gulf of Portovenere is called the Gulf of Poets, praised by Keats, Shelley and others.

Here you have a bit of everything from simple wedding halls in tiny fishing villages to formal 17th century villas with parks overlooking the ocean. Something to please any couple.

Expect sunshine, the blue Mediterranean sea and panoramic views that will amaze you and your guests. The views seem like you are in a world gone back in time - to a playground of the rich & famous of the Seventies. It's fascinating & beautiful.

The best locations for your weddings in the Italian Riviera are the coastal towns of Santa Margherita, Portovenere, Portofino and Rapallo. All offer wedding ceremony locations that are devine as well as picturesque for fantastic wedding photos.



Assisi, Spoleto, Montefalco, Gubbio, Todi...

The countryside and medieval hill towns retain an aura of mystery and romance. Umbria has always been termed "mystic country" and indeed there is something quite different from the other regions; the countryside is quietly romantic, the medieval hill towns are yours to discover away from the tourist masses. The food, accommodations and sights are top class.

Umbria offers simply beautiful medieval & historic locations to get married.

The best wedding locations in Umbria are the medieval hill top town of Assisi, Spoleto, Montefalco, Gubbio & Todi.


Venice, Verona & Veneto

Because of the beauty of this city, weddings in Venice are becoming increasingly popular for overseas visitors. Venice weddings are, fortunately, also becoming much easier to plan & arrange for couples seeking one of the world's ultimate wedding destinations.

With a Venice wedding, as you would expect, you are offered one of the world's most amazing locations for your wedding day. Venice civil weddings are performed in a beautiful palace giving amazing views over the Grand Canal, while there are dozens of grand Venetian churches across this amazing city.

Getting married in Venice gives you the opportunity to arrive by at the wedding ceremony by Gondola, have a spectacular wedding & then be romantically transported to your reception once again by Gondola. This is a unique city, with a unique wedding experience.

Venice is in the Veneto region of Italy and there are many other great options for a fantastic wedding in this region.

As well as Venice, the Veneto region is famed for rolling hills & spectacular towns perched upon hill tops such as Asolo. Weddings in Asolo will have you hidden away in the Italian mountains but in distance for day trips to Venice & Verona.

Having a weddings in Verona - the home of Romeo & Juliet is another fantastic option in this beautiful location in Italy.

wedding verona

Verona civil weddings take place at the Tomb of Juliet - a beautiful building & a true monument to undying love. Verona really is a beautiful city in which to get married - with special romantic significance.

Asolo, Trento & Treviso, all in the Veneto region, all also offer spectacular backdrops for your wedding that are easily accessible to couples from overseas to get married in Italy. Beautiful towns spread across a beautiful region, all offering an Italian wedding experience to never forget.


More wedding locations around Italy

Whether you wish a wedding in Sardinia, Sicily, Udine, Fruilli or anywhere else across this fantastic country we can give you all the help you need. Any location you choose you will be guaranteed an experience of a lifetime...

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  • I'll never forget the views from our reception on the terrace at our hotel in Ravello. Our guests said it was the most beautiful wedding day they've ever witnessed.- Nancy & Coogan, wed in Ravello
  • We were married in the famous Red Hall of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. We danced together in the square after the ceremony while the tourists all filmed and photographed us. Wonderful!- Jenny & Oliver wed in Florence
  • If you want to marry in Michelangelo's Campidoglio book early. They only do weddings there a few times a week and it can be really difficult to get in the summer.- Lucy Watkins wed in Rome
  • The Palazo Cavalli in Venice must be the most romantic venue for a wedding in the world. We flew our families and some of our closest friends from the States & they all loved it. Wow, we are already planning our visit for our anniversary!- Oscar & Laila, married at Palazo Cavalli in Venice