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Greece makes a truely wonderful setting for your wedding, with a limitless selection of magical and scenic backdrops for your big day!

Changes in the marriage laws in the last few years have made it much easier to have a wedding in Greece, so getting married on a beautiful Greek Island is now easier than ever...


Top reasons to get married in Greece

Why choose Greece for your wedding?

  • Fantastic locations
    Lots of great locations & islands to choose from.
  • Holiday Weddings
    The climate & beaches provide a sun worshippers paradise, while couples who want nightlife & action will not be disappointed.
  • Ceremonies
    Some Greek islands now offer ceremonies in English.
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Greece provides a wealth of historic architecture & ancient ruins for those who love culture. The climate & beaches provide a sun worshippers paradise, while couples who want nightlife & action will not be disappointed. There are so many diverse wedding locations across the Greek Islands & the Greek mainland that deciding where to get married in Greece is the biggest problem!

wedding in santorini

Greece & many Greek resorts provide a great location to combine a great holiday with a fantastic wedding.

Most of the weddings are held in the islands of Santorini, Corfu, Mykonos and Rhodes where foreign weddings are more common because they are such popular tourist destinations.

It is possible to have a Greece wedding virtually any location, anywhere in Greece. Outdoor weddings, beach weddings, Church weddings & other religious weddings are all available.

In Santorini, for instance, you can't find a setting more romantic then on the rim of a volcano with the sea 1000 feet below. It is custom, though optional, for weddings in Greece to take place at sunset because of the heat of summer plus after a sunset ceremony you can go directly to the reception of eating, drinking & dancing!

Legally it is relatively simple to marry in Greece but not as easy as 'Greek style' Cyprus - where marriage laws are simple. Weddings in Greece are legal for couples from the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Europe & most other countries. The paperwork required will depend upon where you are from and your personal circumstances. But it has got much easier to arrange than it once was - though it can seem daunting - many couples have done it before you.

If you want to do it on your own you will need to contact the president or mayor of the community for a civil wedding, or the head priest for a religious wedding. Some documents have to be translated such as your birth certificates. And follow the exact procedures that they will tell you.

Most couples opt to use a wedding company to help arrange their marriage for them but you can arrange your wedding yourself.

The Complete Guide to Weddings in Greece & the Greek Islands


Top Greek Islands Locations



Santorini is one of the most beautiful wedding locations in Europe, if not the world. Having your wedding in Santorini offers you a chance to get married with a truly amazing natural backdrop.

santorini wedding

Picture postcard perfect, with up market eateries and bars from which to enjoy legendary sunsets. The small romantic Greek Island of Santorini is an island of sugar cube houses, blue domed churches and spectacular sunsets. Formed in a massive volcanic eruption, the east coast has black sandy beaches while the west has fantastic cliff top views of the volcano (Caldera).

Santorini is only a small island but is easily to get to via flights from across Europe, connections from North America or by ferry routes from other Greek Islands. The beauty of this island has in recent years developed a growth in the popularity of Santorini weddings for couples from all around the world.

wedding in santorini

An increase in couples comming from all over the world to get married overlooking the spectacular views has developed a wedding industry on the island notable for providing quality wedding services. Despite Santorini's size, this island can cater for any type of wedding, from a couple eloping alone together - to a large majestic event.

Weddings in Santorini tend to be civil weddings. Church weddings, such as Catholic & Orthodox, or other faiths such as Jewish or Buddhist are catered for, but most weddings in Santorini are civil ceremonies outside - at one of the numerous locations available - at sunset. Santorini is legendary for it's sunsets.

Tradition states that marriages in Santorini should take place at sunset then smoothly progress into a celebration of eating, drinking & dancing when the ceremony is over. Daytime weddings are available - but it can get very hot during a daytime Santorini wedding in summer.

There are a range of private locations, churches, hotels and unique locations you can get married in Santorini. It is legal to have a Santorini wedding anywhere on the island if the Mayor agrees - not just at the town hall or local church. You can with a bit of planning arrange all your wedding in Santorini completely yourself.



Rhodes (Rodos) is famous as the island of sun, sea and sand, the ideal place for vacations. It is the third largest Greek island and, officially, the sunniest place in the Europe.

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The island is among the finest, not only in Greece but in the whole of the Mediterranean. Rhodes combines the cosmopolitan character of a contemporary Greece with the picturesque of the medieval island with all the facilities of a modern tourist destination.

There are a range of Churches and town halls in which you can have your wedding in Rhodes. But it is legal to have a wedding in Rhodes anywhere if the Mayor agrees. Rhodes offers wedding locations such as small Chapels, private beachs, private gardens or even in the privacy of your own villa by the pool - not just at the town hall or local church.



There are a range of Churches & town halls in which you can get married in Corfu.

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But it is legal to have a wedding in Corfu anywhere if the Mayor agrees.

Corfu offers the possibility of Civil Weddings in the Town Hall, Anglican, Greek Orthodox, & Catholic weddings.

Corfu is one of the Ionian Islands which nestle off the West side of the Greek mainland. Covered with over 3 million evergreen olive trees, watered by winter rains, Corfu, even during the hot dry summers remains one of the greenest of the Mediterranean islands.


More Greek Islands

Weddings are also possible in many other amazing Greek locations such as Crete, Amorgos, Kos, Mykonos, Kefalonia, Zakynthos(Zante), Skiathos & more.

A Crete wedding can be quite spectacular. Weddings in Crete are often held outdoors at a number of spectacular locations around the island.

Secluded bays, old historic buildings offering panoramic views are just a couple of amazing civil weddings locations where you can get married in Crete.

An Amorgos wedding can also be quite spectacular on the island know as the 'deep blue'. Beach weddings are popular here at sunset, while traditional villages in the mountains provide the perfect tavernas for celebrating a wedding in Amorgos.

The island of Kos offers a 'laid back' holiday & a 'laid back' wedding location. Weddings in Kos are usually held at one of the spectacular town halls - or churches on the island. Facilities here are fantastic as it is one of the most touristed islands in Greece.

Kefalonia is one of the most beautiful settings in the Ionian Sea. Beautiful beaches, pretty churches & loft cliff tops offer a beautiful backdrop for weddings in Kefalonia. Skiathos has always attracted couples with its wonderful long and golden sandy beaches, cristal clear waters & forests. As a well organized island and has all the facilities needed to have a great Skiathos wedding.

Weddings in Zante (Zakynthos) are available at many locations across the island. Often those getting married in Zakynthos (Zante) choose a great beach for a sunset ceremony - or use facilities in their hotel - such as getting married by the pool with a view to the sea. Zante weddings are becoming more popular due to the many options for marriage there.

A wedding in Mykonos, one the most famous of the Greek islands and one of the world's most popular holiday resorts, can be held in a number of great locations. Again hotel facilitated weddings are most common - though outdoor locations are possible.


There is is real variety of fantastic locations to get married in Greece. Choosing which one will be your biggest problem!

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The Complete Guide to Weddings in Greece & the Greek Islands

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  • We got married in Santorini overlooking the Caldera (the volcanoes in the sea). It was a real dream wedding! The ceremony was sweet while the weather for us was fabulous - though I have heard it can get windy. The photos from the photographer came out amazing, everyone who has seen them can't believe that the caldera background is a real place.- Kristina & Geof, married in Santorini
  • I just love Greek weddings, that's probably why I got married there! It was a great atmosphere, we had everything, the food, the dancing, the sunshine...everything.- Laura & Anthony, married in Greece