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With perfect sunshine all year round weather, you can always guarantee having a beautiful wedding in Florida.

With an amazing array of choices - there is a Florida wedding to suit every type of couple.

There are as many places to get married in Florida as types of wedding ceremony. You can have anything from a short simple civil ceremony to an elaborate, romantic beach side Florida wedding...


Top reasons to get married in Florida

Why choose Florida for your wedding?

  • Ideal holiday wedding
    Blessed with all year round sun.
  • Ceremonies
    Get married on a beautiful beach, a cliff top, a theme park, a great hotel...
  • Simple
    Easy legal requirements to get married.
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Florida offers a fantastic location for weddings for US citizens as well as couples from all over the world. Orlando - with its theme parks & hotel resorts offers every type of wedding possible. The east coast & the Gulf Coast offer hundreds of venues for perfect beach weddings combined with beautiful resort hotels.

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Because of the great value & high standards, a Florida marriage is becoming increasingly popular. Couples are taking advantage of excellent tourism facilities, friendly locals and convenient travel connections to combine their wedding with a glorious holiday.

Florida stands unique as a fantastic way to combine your wedding with an adventurous holiday honeymoon. With facilities unmatched and spectacular entertainments including Disneyworld and SeaWorld, Florida provides an excellent location for the start of your new life together. Most popular choices for a wedding in Florida are in Orlando, Miami, the Florida Keys and on one of the many fantastic beaches.

Be aware! It can get really hot in late summer and the hurricane season is September to October.

To arrange your Florida wedding can be relatively simple - obtaining your Florida marriage license is easy. As long as you are legal to marry and have the correct documents, there will be no problems. You can take a package wedding, hire a local wedding agent or save money and arrange most of your wedding yourself.

There are many options to choose from.

There is no required waiting period or minimum length of stay.

You will have to arrange some paperwork before the wedding at home. Formal proof that you are single is required.

Divorcees should also provide proof that they are not still married.

If you are a widow/widower proof is also required.


Weddings in Florida are legal for couples from the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe plus most other countries.



Orlando is the world's leading resort destination - one that attracts tens of millions of visitors each year. Every year more and more visitors are using the facilities & wonder of these fantastic resorts as a location for their wedding. Orlando is the number one choice for visitors getting married in Florida.

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Featuring over 95 theme parks and attractions, including the world famous Walt Disney World, Orlando offers a thrilling and action packed holiday. Besides Walt Disney World, some other popular Orlando attractions include Universal Studios, Disney-MGM Studios and Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum.

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For those who are fond of wildlife, Orlando offers several attractions including SeaWorld Orlando, Gatorland and Discovery Cove. At each of these attractions dolphins, whales or alligators are showcased, and at Discovery Cove visitors are able to swim with dolphins. Besides major attractions, Orlando also offers a number of golf courses, balloon tours and sightseeing trips around the city, allowing visitors to experience the diversity of this resort destination.

Orlando offers a fantastic location for Florida weddings for US citizens and couples from all over the world.

Orlando - with its theme parks & hotel resorts offers every type of wedding possible. This is why Orlando & central Florida are becoming the venue of choice for couples from the US & all over the world.

Most Theme Parks in and around Orlando have superb areas for ceremonies & receptions, even themed weddings - such as a Disney wedding - with characters if you so desire. Just as you would expect.

Hotels & resorts often have great venues for a ceremony & reception at a beautiful spot on their grounds.

The quality & level of entertainment offered by the resorts in Orlando is hard to match. Resorts offer wedding packages for couples from all over the world & all over the United States. The award winning resorts & hotels cater for any size of wedding - whether it is just the two of you - or you have brought everyone you know. Packages are available so you need not worry about all the wedding arrangements - the resort will do it all for you.


There are plenty of great places to get married all across Florida. Choosing where to marry will be your biggest problem!

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  • We got married in Florida on the beach and, boy, what a great experience! The actual day of the wedding was beautiful, the location was stunning plus the weather was terrific. This really is the way to get married.- Jesse & Mike, wed in Florida
  • We flew both our families out to Florida for our holiday wedding. We had our ceremony in a beautiful gardens under a Gazebo on a perfect day. The whole place is truly out of this world. There is so much to do which kept all our guests occupied. We are back home now but both our families don't stop talking about it!- Linda & Jack, wed in Orlando