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If you really want to escape to distant Pacific tropical island paradise and get married overlooking perfect azure waters then a wedding in Fiji with a combined honeymoon is for you.

Fiji is a group of over 300 islands that lie approximately 1,800-miles northeast of Australia. The International Date Line runs through the area so Fiji is often referred to as the "Crossroad of the Pacific"...


Top reasons to get married in Fiji

Why choose Fiji for your wedding?

  • Amazing resorts
    Why not get married in a resort of a private Fijian island.
  • Hospitality
    See why Fijians are the world's best hosts.
  • Tropical Pacific island paradise
    Combine a beautiful wedding with a dream holiday.
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The Fiji islands are tropical with warm brilliant sunshine.

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It can be rainy in the summer months, November through March. But year round, the climate is very hospitable. The average summer temperature (November - March) is approximately 85 F. The average winter temperature (June - September) is approximately 77 F.

Whatever your plans, come and see why Fijians are the world's best hosts and discover that having a Fiji wedding combined with a Fiji honeymoon will be an experience that you'll never forget.

You better believe it!

In Fiji, everything has its very own pace with a relaxed, unhurried philosophy behind everything.

To get married in Fiji, most couples choose a resort wedding where the resort can arrange most of the wedding for you. The Fiji islands offer some of the most romantic & remote resorts in the world - many a perfect backdrop to your wedding. Also there are many amazing chapels in stunning locations also available.

You can also hire a local Fiji wedding company to arrange your wedding where & when you want. Some couples arrange a complete Fijian honeymoon wedding package from home.

Legally it is relatively simple to marry in Fiji. To get married in Fiji you just have to prove you are who you say you are and also prove that you are free to marry. Fiji weddings are legal for couples from Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada plus most other countries.

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  • My hubby and I got married in Fiji and it was magical. Fiji has the most gorgeous beaches and breathtaking sunsets, it's really unbelievable... The private island, our 5 star resort, our beach wedding and our tans were all absolutely perfect... I had a real fairy tale wedding.- Ella & Tim, wed in Fiji March 2013