Weddings in the Dominican Republic

How & where to get married

With paradise white sand beaches, mountain ranges, spectacular rivers, waterfalls, and saltwater lakes teeming with exotic wildlife it is easy to see the appeal of getting married in the Dominican Republic...


Top reasons to get married in the Dominican Republic

Why choose the Dominican Republic for your wedding?

  • Resorts
    There are plenty of fantastic all inclusive beach resorts where you can get married.
  • Lmited residence requirements
    Legally it is simple to have a wedding.
  • Locations
    Ceremonies can be performed anywhere, including resort hotels, beach side restaurants, beautiful gardens with breathtaking views & on the beach.
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The Dominican Republic is the perfect location for those who want a fantastic sea view outdoor wedding then laze on a beautiful beach in a fantastic resort after getting married.

The resort areas of Punta Cana, Puerto Plata and Playa Dorada offer some of the best destinations for a wedding in the Dominican Republic.

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This spectacular island is perfectly suited for those who want to escape to the Caribbean for luxury beach weddings with guaranteed fantastic weather & have a holiday wedding & honeymoon of a lifetime.

Be sure to see one of the many frequent festivals, complete with parades, elaborate floats, live music and plenty of dancing in the streets which liven up this relaxed island.

There are plenty of resorts to get married, you can get married on the beach or just pop off your cruise ship if you feel the urge!

The many fantastic all inclusive beach resorts & hotels have expertise in bringing fantasy Dominican Republic weddings to reality. Mainly beach weddings are most popular, though some resorts offer beautiful gardens with breathtaking views when beaches may get too popular with holiday makers for a personal & private Dominican Republic wedding ceremony.

You can take a package wedding, hire a local wedding professional or save money and arrange wedding yourself as an extra to your holiday.

There are some fantastic offers to be had.

Legally it is relatively simple to marry in the Dominican republic.

People from the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland & most other countries will have no difficulty in the legality of a marriage performed in the Dominican Republic.

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Dominican Republic Wedding

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  • I held my 'dream come true wedding' wedding in Punta Cana! Everything was just perfect. Most of my family and friends who had never been to the Dominican Republic, and we all had a real blast. It was something that we all will never forget.- Maggie & Ray, wed in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Feb 2013