Destination Weddings

Wedding destinations all around the world

Unsuprisingly, with all the fantastic possibilities, deciding to have a destination wedding is becoming increasingly popular with many amazing wedding destinations and unique locations to choose from.

There are so many fantastic destination wedding locations - you really can let your imagination go wild & go virtually anywhere nowadays to get married.


Top reasons to have a destination wedding

Why go on a trip for your wedding?

  • Go somewhere amazing for your special day.
    Why not mix a fantastic holiday with a beautiful wedding.
  • Choose who is at your wedding.
    You may want a wedding alone or with a few selected guests somewhere special.
  • Cost.
    Often a destination wedding will be cheaper than one at home.
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For US & Canadian citizens, familiar destinations such as Vegas, Hawaii, Florida & the Caribbean remain popular for weddings.

destination weddings in hawaii

Europeans are getting married in the Mediterranean in destinations such as Greece, Cyprus & Italy

italy wedding in venice

- while Australians & New Zealanders head off to get married in destinations such as Fiji & Thailand, & Bali. But more & more couples want to jet off futher to somewhere romantic & exotic, such as a great beach destination, a tropical paradise or a romantic city for their dream destination wedding.

There are many fantastic destination wedding locations to choose from - you really can let your imagination go wild.

Destination weddings are usually non religious civil ceremonies, often held within hotels, historic buildings or at outdoor locations.

However religious weddings are usually possible in most destinations for many faiths including Christianity, Moslem, Jewish, Buddhist & more. In some destinations you can only get married in the town hall, chapel or church while other locations will let you get married at any place you want - no matter how unusual - as long as you can convince the registrar!

It is not possible to get married legally in all countries. Some countries may conduct wedding ceremonies that contravene the normal standards of marriage in your own country so a marriage will not be legal when you return home. We offer information for wedding destinations where marriages are legal for citizens of most countries. If you marry abroad you will have to follow the marriage laws of that country. Usually you will have to provide proof that you are free & single (sometimes for divorcees you may have had to be divorced for 9 months), proof of age (usually over 18) and proof of your identity. If your destination is a non English speaking county you will usually require official translations of documents.

Some places are impossible for couples to marry, such as for religious reasons, while some are more difficult than others. France requires you be resident in the country for at least 42 days while most of the Caribbean you can get married the day you arrive. Civil ceremonies are simpler than religious ceremonies but many wedding destinations, such as Italy, require a Civil ceremony before a religious one can take place.

In many wedding destinations you can arrange most of your day yourself and it is not nearly as complicated as it sounds.

Destination Wedding ceremonies can be completely different in style. In Santorini, Greece, you can marry outside on the edge of a volcano with amazing views, while in the Dominican Republic, like in many destinations, you can get married next the hotel pool with a picture perfect view of the ocean. In exotic locations like the Seychelles & Mauritius you can set sail to a deserted island & get married on the beach. Cancun, in Mexico, gives you the ideal destination to have a wild celebration while you can arrive by helicopter to a glacier in Alaska for a mountain ceremony.

The choices are endless, but you can find your perfect destination & your perfect ceremony.

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destination wedding in mexico

destination wedding abroad in new zealand

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a destination wedding

  • Choose the right destination, the right friends and family then jet away to a perfect holiday wedding!