Weddings in Cyprus

How & where to get married

As one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, if not the world, Cyprus is a popular tourist island for people from all across the world.

Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite (the Greek Goddess of love), also offers a perfect backdrop for couples wishing to marry. Convenient and simple marriage laws with spectacular wedding locations make Cyprus a truly great destination for your wedding...


Top reasons to get married in Cyprus

Why choose Cyprus for your wedding?

  • Simple to get married
    Very easy to marry, even wedding ceremonies & certificates are in English.
  • Holiday Weddings
    Ideal to combine your wedding with a fantastic Mediterranean holiday.
  • Weather
    Over 200 sunny days a year.
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Cyprus Law is traditionally based on the English system, so weddings ceremonies can be in English and Wedding Certificates are even in English.

sea view weddings in paphos

Marriages in Cyprus are legally recognized worldwide including in the UK, Ireland, Russia, Europe, Israel and N. America plus most other countries.

With over 200 sunny days a year, you can guarantee a perfect sunny day for your wedding virtually any day of the year.

Most couples choose to buy a complete wedding package which usually includes flights, hotel and wedding. You can also book your holiday to Cyprus and combine it with wedding package bought from from Cyprus. It is possible - in fact much easier than you think - to save money and arrange all your wedding yourself.

The atmosphere in Cyprus is Greek/European and very relaxed, peaceful and friendly with a low population. Also, it seems everywhere you go on the island the views are spectacular, so, take time to explore this wonderful island. Excellent restaurants, activities and hotels will make your stay there one you'll never forget.


Wedding locations in Cyprus

You can get married in all districts of Cyprus. You can choose from Town Halls, outdoor gazebos and dedicated wedding rooms in certain hotels for civil weddings. While there are Churches and beautiful Chapels for Anglican / Church of England & Roman Catholic Church Weddings.

The right area for you can give the right flavour to your wedding.


Ayia Napa, Larnaka, Lemesos (Limassol), Polis, Paralimni and Paphos are the most popular areas in which to marry.



Paphos (on the west coast) is a quiet and peaceful developed fishing town in which you both can relax. Development of this resort has brought many fantastic hotels & facilities. With a beautiful harbour and great hotels, Paphos provides a great holiday location & many great choices for a perfect wedding in Cyprus.

 paphos town hall

Paphos (on the west coast) is a quiet and peaceful developed fishing town in which you both can relax. Development of this resort has brought many fantastic hotels & facilities. With a beautiful harbour and great hotels, Paphos provides a great holiday location & many great choices for a perfect wedding in Cyprus. Popular locations to marry include, Yeriskopou Town Hall, Peyia Town Hall, St George Chapel & Hotel, Elysium Chapel & Hotel, Coral Beach Hotel and Resort Azia Beach Hotel, Athena Beach Hotel and Ayia Kyriaki Church.



The Paralimni area - notably Protaras - on the east coast offers a modern developed holiday town located along some of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus.

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There are many fantastic wedding venues in Paralimni & Protaras for your wedding.



Polis & surrounding district on the north coast are sleepier areas in which couples can relax, sunbathe & marvel at the views - while having a beautiful wedding & honeymoon.


Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is the resort for the young wild nightlife and beautiful beaches. There are many great resort hotels, so you don't have to be under 25 to have a great wedding holiday! There is everything you need for a great wedding in Ayia Napa.


Larnaka, Limassol

Larnaka and Limassol (Lemesos ) are bigger towns offering great beaches and friendly locals. Facilities are excellent, with lots of great hotels, restaurants and entertainment's. Here you can feel the 'real' side of Cyprus life. Larnaka has a fantastic promenade but all the best hotels lie out of the city to the east towards Ayia Napa.


Legal requirements for marriage in Cyprus

Ofcourse, you will have to arrange some paperwork before the wedding at home.

Basically you need formal proof that you are who you say you are and that you are single so are free to marry!

Divorcees should also provide proof that they are not still married. If you are a widow/widower proof is also required.

The exact details depend upon where you are from.(For example, Citizens of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland & the rest of the UK all require slightly different paperwork than each other.)

People from other countries may require documents to be officially translated to English.

Couples wishing for Anglican or Roman Catholic weddings will require further documentation & permissions.


Civil wedding vows in Cyprus

Wedding vows are slightly different depending on which area you marry & whether you have a civil wedding or religious one.

We have selected Vows for you to read from a Civil Wedding in Ayia Napa.

Marriage Officer:

'You .... & ..... know that by your simultaneous consent which is given publicly of the persons now here, accept each other as your lawful spouse and with the confirmation of this fact by your signature you contract a lawful marriage for all the purposes of civil law. You should further know that your marriage cannot be dissolved during your lifetime, except by a valid judgement of a court. If either of you - before the death of the other - contracts a marriage while this one remains undissolved you will thereby be guilty of bigamy & liable to the consequences provided by the law.'

Groom & Bride:

"I call upon all persons here present to witness that I ... accept you ... as my lawful spouse, to love & share with you from this day moments of joy and sorrow, wealth & poverty, happiness & unhappiness throughout our life until death do separate us."

Marriage Officer:

'On the basis of equality, you should face together all the problems & all the difficulties of life. Together you should shoulder the burdens of marriage each one according to your capabilities. You have both the right & obligation to take care of the upbringing & education of your children so that they may become useful citizens & free personalities.

Please exchange your rings.

You are joined together by your free consent in matrimony, you owe each other love, fidelity & respect throughout your life. This marriage constitutes a fulfillment of your life and links your destinies on good & rainy days, in happiness & unhappiness, in wealth & poverty, until death do separate you.

As from this moment I pronounce you man & wife.

You may kiss the bride!'

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  • Everyone of my friends and my close family who came to our wedding in Cyprus this year, thanked me for having the wedding over there as they had a fantastic holiday, and really enjoyed such a personal wedding. We married next to the beach so it was all totally different from back home. Cyprus is really beautiful place to get married.- Helen & Owen, married in Paralimni
  • We did all our legal stuff out in Cyprus before we got married. It took just one morning with a visit to the Law Courts & the Town Hall. Nothing to difficult...but I think it depends which country you are both from.- Margret & Sam, married in Ayia Napa