Weddings in the Caribbean

How & where to get married

Those seeking a wedding on a dream tropical island need look no further than the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is perfect if you are looking for a destination with sun, sand & ocean views. There are over 30 islands to choose from & that's not including countries looking onto the Caribbean like the east coast of Mexico. Each island & Caribbean nation is unique, some easier & more accessible than others for couples wanting a wedding in the Caribbean...


Top reasons to get married in Caribbean

Why choose Caribbean for your wedding?

  • Perfect beach weddings
    Your ceremony can be held at a beach, historical site, tropical garden, all inclusive resort hotel or anywhere you desire.
  • Easy to get married
    Short residency requirements.
  • Ideal for holiday weddings
    Combine your wedding with a dream holiday.
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Temperatures generally range from the mid Seventies in the winter to the mid Eighties in the summer, so you need not take any more than a light sweater for evenings.

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The annual rainfall is about 45 inches, though it can really rain at any time - thus the lush vegetation. You must take care to avoid the hurricane season if possible to avoid any problems with your wedding.

Most couples take advantage of all inclusive resort hotels offering a full holiday wedding package. Resorts and prices vary widely. You also have the option to employ a local wedding planner not from your hotel to arrange your wedding - maybe on a private beach, beach side restaurant or tropical garden.


There are many destinations across the Caribbean to get married. Some destinations are more difficult for a wedding because of language or wedding regulations.

Many islands are legally quite easy to get married in, often with only a short residency requirement before a wedding ceremony can take place. Weddings in most Caribbean nations are fully legal in US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Europe. You will quite easily be able to register your marriage when you get home.

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The Complete Guide to Caribbean Weddings

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  • It was really fantastic to combine our wedding with once in a lifetime Caribbean holiday. I would advise everyone to do it!