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Where can you get married on the beach?

There are many fantastic locations around the world where you can have your wedding on the beach. It is not possible to get married on the beach in all countries with a coastline...



In many countries it is not possible due to marriage rules requiring marriage only in specific places such as municipal town halls, in Churches or in other religious buildings. But there are still many locations where a beach wedding - usually a civil marriage - is possible.

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Some of the most popular destinations for a beach wedding are in the USA - these are Florida, Hawaii & California. These US locations offer many spectacular beaches & great facilities & easy access along with hundreds of wedding planners with wedding packages to suit all tastes & budgets. Mexico - also in North America - is becoming a 'must-go' location because of the fantastic resort weddings & beach hotel weddings that are on offer.

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Most European countries have quite strict rules where a ceremony can take place - so in Europe there are no real beach wedding locations. In Italy - especially the Amalfi Coast - you can have a spectacular reception on or overlooking the beach, while in Cyprus you can marry in hotel gardens right next to the Mediterranean. Malta offers beautiful views for your ceremony but the most spectacular are at Santorini in Greece. In Spain the marriage rules are strict but you can have a blessing on the beach.

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The Caribbean offers the most choice for couples wishing to exchange vows on the beach. There are dozens of locations to have a beach wedding. Choosing where in the Caribbean depends on time of year - the hurricane factor - & what kind of holiday wedding you want. Some of the islands are heavily touristed but offer great resorts and weddings such as the Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Dominican Republic & Aruba. While some islands you can escape the crowds for quiet & serenity such as in the British Virgin Islands & Tobago.

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The Far East, the Pacific & the Indian Ocean offer the ability to escape to a tropical paradise island for truly spectacular beach weddings. Many resort islands that offer weddings in Fiji & the Cook Islands are so remote you must arrive by flying boat! While in the Seychelles & Mauritius you can sail on a yacht to a deserted uninhabited tropical island & exchange vows on the shore!

Zanzibar, Tanzania offers an exotic & unique beach wedding location, while in Dubai you can marry in the world's only six star hotel overlooking the Gulf of Arabia. Australia is one of the world's top beach wedding locations. With thousands of miles of beaches to choose from, you can get married anywhere from Bondi Beach to the Great Barrier Reef on board a yacht.


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beach wedding locations

beach wedding locations

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  • There are many amazing locations where a beach wedding (usually a civil marriage) is possible.