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How & where to get married on the beach

There are few spots on this planet as inspiring as our beaches. The never ending ebb and flow of the water, the seashells tucked into the sand, the sun rays dancing on the water, and the horizon that seems to go on forever - it's absolutely intoxicating and blissfully romantic...



If you have set your heart on getting married on the beach you will need to plan carefully to make your day as perfect as you imagine.

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Firstly you have to find & select a perfect beach wedding location.

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There are many amazing beaches around the world where it is possible & legal to marry. Stretching around the world from classic locations in Florida, Hawaii, California & the Caribbean to far away deserted beaches in Australia & tropical paradise islands in Fiji or the Cook Islands.

Many destinations around the world offer cliff top or ocean view weddings - where you can marry outside with views overlooking the beach but with the facilities & convenience of a private villa or hotel. Santorini in Greece & the Amalfi Coast in Italy are a couple of great examples for these type of beach view style weddings.

To make the most of your beach wedding see our beach wedding tips - which will help you realize how you wish your beach wedding day to proceed. Things to think about are the heat - as many beach wedding destinations can get extremely hot - especially at mid day.

On many beaches that face west it may be practical to have your wedding just before sunset - which will lessen the heat factor & also make a spectacular romantic backdrop for the ceremony & the wedding photos.

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Many couples decide to go to paradise resorts that offer beach weddings & ceremonies while combining their honeymoon. Often these resorts will have a beautiful area or gazebo set aside for weddings next to the beach. Often, getting married in a resort next to the beach lessens some of the problems that can arise with a ceremony on the sand.

Often resort hotels will have private beaches to get married on so you can get privacy. Also they will have facilities - such as shade, drinks etc which will make the ceremony go smooth for everyone. Also these resorts can provide the reception on a beautiful terrace - but wedding photos can still be taken on the beach. Many resorts do offer ceremonies that also do take place on the beach along with the reception facilities.

For a ceremony on the beach you can achieve some really beautiful decoration to make the day really special. It is wise to use an expert local wedding planner to help with this & the legal side - in many locations there are some truly talented wedding planners that can create wonderful beach wedding decorations - but it is often possible to arrange everything yourself. Planning what to wear is important - light fabrics are essential - both for the bride & groom as well as the guests. Flat footwear - not always popular with the guests - is also essential. Keep in mind to have lots of liquid to keep everyone refreshed.


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  • When it's hot, it is usually best to marry on the beach at sunset.