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The Bahamas is the perfect destination for a beautiful beach wedding combined with a luxurious honeymoon escape in a paradise hotel.

Just 40 miles off the tip of Florida and spreading across 100,000 square miles of water, the Bahamas actually lie in the Atlantic Ocean, not the Caribbean Sea. However, since it shares much of its traditions and beauty with its southern neighbours, it is often referred to as part of the Caribbean. All this spectacular waterfront gives a hundred choices for a perfect Bahamas beach wedding.


Top reasons to get married in the Bahamas

Why choose the Bahamas for your wedding?

  • Relax
    Beautiful, luxurious hotels & facilities to take care of you.
  • Easy to get married
    Simple legal requirements to marry.
  • Locations
    Ceremonies can be performed anywhere. From a traditional church, the beach, to a private yacht.
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Bahamas weddings come in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional historic church to a private yacht, from a beautiful tropical garden to the pink sands of Harbour Island's famous pink beach.

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It is even possible to get married underwater in the Bahamas with the fish as your witnesses and the coral as your backdrop.

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Beach weddings are really the speciality of the Bahamas - with some spectacular locations where you can get married.

The Bahamas islands really are a fantastic place to visit, you will be amazed by the beauty & comforted by the beautiful & luxurious hotels & facilities. Lots of resort hotels cater for couples wanting a Bahamas wedding, many of them offering inclusive deals with spectacular ceremony locations. This makes the Bahamas a fantastic location for a destination wedding.

Legally is is quite simple to marry in the Bahamas. To arrange your wedding, you can take a package wedding from a specialist travel agent, hire a local Bahamas wedding planner or combine a holiday & do most of the arrangements for your wedding yourself. Getting married in the Bahamas is not difficult, it is possible to arrive & marry in just one day.

Visitors to the Bahamas wishing to get married will require different legal documents depending where they are from.

U.S. and Canadian citizens entering the Bahamas to marry are required to show proof of citizenship with either a passport (current or expired within five years) or two forms of identification, one of which has to have a photo. For example, you may bring your birth certificate and a driver's license. No blood tests are required - though a sworn declaration maybe required at the US consul in the Bahamas before the wedding for US citizens. Europeans require an sworn affidavit from their home country proving they are free to get married.

Legally - you should have little problems. Deciding which of the many fantastic locations for your Bahamas wedding is your biggest problem!

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The Complete Guide to Bahamas Weddings

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  • Nick and I were married on Bahamas Nassau beach at sunset. This had been a dream of ours which has come true. A perfect day on such a special tropical island to get married. Our pastor was a wonderful, so easy to get along with and really helpful. Everything on the day went just as we wished it would. Really a dream come true.- Tammy & Nick, wed in Bahamas Feb 2013