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Aruba is an island 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela and has a fascinating mix of South American, European, Far East and Caribbean influences.

Aruba is the perfect place to head to if you are looking for a wedding destination with lots to see as well as fantastic beaches ideal for beach weddings.


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Top reasons to get married in Aruba

Why choose Aruba for your wedding?

  • Perfect beach weddings.
    Your blessing ceremony can be held at a beach or an all inclusive resort hotel.
  • Fun.
    Aruba is famous for it's glitzy casinos.
  • Ideal for holiday weddings.
    Hot and perfect to visit all year round (outside the hurricane zone).
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Oranjestad is the historical Dutch capital city on the south coast with tall multicolored houses with carved wood doors & traditional Dutch tiles and Aruban-style roofs. Along the wharf, merchants sell fresh fish right off the boats each morning. This really is a welcoming & interesting place to visit.

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Aruba is also well known for its glitzy casinos, many of which are open 24 hrs every day. The resorts & beaches here make Aruba a perfect Caribbean wedding and honeymoon getaway.

Aruba is outside the hurricane belt plus also has no rainy season. It is hot and perfect to visit all year round. If you want to go to the Caribbean during the summer or autumn, Aruba is the place to go because you won't have to take your chances with the weather as you would with other islands.

For weddings to be legally binding a civil ceremony is required. It is then possible to have a blessing on the beach, on a boat or overlooking the sea if wanted.

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  • I have been to two weddings in Aruba and they were so beautiful. Both had a ceremony on the beach and a small reception outdoors. It is a great location to get married.