Weddings Abroad

How & where to get married overseas

If you are deciding whether to have a wedding overseas or not you should know that arranging and planning weddings abroad has become much easier as get away weddings become ever more popular. There is also a growing list of amazing wedding destinations where it is possible for you to easily get married legally while having a fantastic wedding day with a unique & unforgettable backdrop.


Top reasons to get married overseas

Why go abroad for your wedding?

  • Cost.
    Often a wedding abroad can be cheaper than one at home.
  • Avoid family issues.
    You may want a wedding alone or with a few selected guests somewhere special.
  • Combine your wedding with a holiday.
    Why not mix a fantastic holiday with a beautiful wedding.
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Flying off to somewhere romantic & exotic, say to a beautiful beach location, a tropical garden or amazing city for your dream wedding are all now possible - and really just a few of the many options available.

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You really can let you imagination go wild & go virtually anywhere on the planet to get married.

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Weddings abroad are usually non religious civil ceremonies. However religious weddings are usually possible in many locations for many faiths including Christianity, Moslem, Jewish, Buddhist & more.

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Wedding ceremonies abroad often vary completely in style, for instance, weddings in Thailand have a Buddhist theme where you are blessed by monks, while in Florida you can be married next to Mickey Mouse!

As long as the ceremony does not contravene with the marriage laws of your own country the wedding will be completely legal and you can register the marriage when you get home. Not all countries conform to sufficient marriage practices for the wedding to be legal back home. We give information on wedding locations where citizens from the UK, US, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Europe can legally be married. If you are from another country it is highly likely these destinations will also be legal for you as well.

Many couples opt to bring family and friends with them to be there on their special day, but if it is just the two of you, witnesses can usually be easy to arrange at the location of your wedding. If you are travelling alone make sure you have a video taken or loads of pictures from a photographer to share with everyone who couldn't come back home. Most wedding destinations can cater for all tastes - whether you desire a simple, intimate ceremony together or an extravagant wedding day with hundreds of guests!

If you wish to marry abroad you must make sure you know and follow the marriage laws the country you intend to marry in.

Normally you will require formal proof that you are free & able to marry plus proof that you are who you say you are!

Often, if you wish to use a travel company to arrange your wedding overseas, they will advise you on these matters. If you are going to non English speaking countries for the wedding - you will usually need a official translation (& Appostile) of the documents required. In many weddings locations around the world you can arrange most of your wedding day yourself and often it is not nearly as difficult and complicated as it sounds.

There is a great difference in overseas wedding locations & wedding packages available from travel companies. Not all locations offer the same quality of wedding & service - and of course some overseas weddings are more expensive than others. Each country has its own wedding rules. In some destinations you can only get married in the town hall, chapel or church. Other destinations will let you marry quite literally anywhere you want!

Finding the right destination for you & the right type of wedding for you is most important. You may already have some ideas.


You may want a wedding on the beach then the Caribbean, Mexico, or Australia might be for you. If you want to get married in a fabulous romantic city Venice is a great option. Ireland & Cyprus are quick & easy for Europeans, like Vegas & Hawaii for North Americans & Fiji or Thailand for Australians. No couple is the same & the wedding options abroad are wide enough & varied enough for you to have a marriage that is totally unique & personal.

Some places are impossible to foreigners marry & some are more difficult than others. France requires you be resident for 42 days while most of the Caribbean is less than a week.


Civil ceremonies are easier to arrange than religious ones, though in many wedding destinations abroad you will require a Civil ceremony before a religious one. So you should for most weddings abroad prepare at least a month before you want to get married. So couples choose to renew their vows or have a commitment ceremony somewhere overseas after having a wedding at home. This option can avoid doing any legal documentation overseas.

The weather is an important factor. Remember it can really get too hot in mid summer in many exotic destinations. Plan your wedding abroad for the climate you want at the time of year that is right in the location - not just for the summer at home. Some locations maybe just too hot for older guests, while some countries have severe weather at times like hurricanes in Mexico & the Caribbean.

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  • Why not go somewhere special, with your favourite family & friends to have an amazing day to remember.