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Thinking about or planning a wedding somewhere different?

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Information and guides are now available here for all the world's top wedding locations. Practical and possible locations range from as far apart as the Caribbean to New Zealand!


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Weddings abroad:

If you are deciding whether to have a wedding overseas or not you should know that arranging and planning weddings abroad has become much easier as get away weddings become ever more popular...


How about getting married on a beach somewhere?

Beach weddings:

There are few spots on this planet as inspiring as our beaches to get married....


Or maybe a winter wedding?

If exchanging vows on a hot beach is not for you, try getting married in Alaska in a rustic lodge overlooking tremendous mountains wildlife or Lapland in a hotel made of ice...


Whether you want to jet way together alone or bring family & friends with you, there really are endless destinations suitable for all couples with all tastes.

Top reasons to have a wedding abroad

Why go away for your wedding?

  • Cheaper cost
    Often a wedding abroad can be cheaper than one at home.
  • Intimate
    You may want to elope alone together or get married in the company of a few selected guests somewhere special.
  • Wedding Holiday
    Why not mix a fantastic holiday with a beautiful wedding.
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